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Shot Show 2014: Report

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Shot Show 2014

First off, I want to thank all the Reaper fans that are taking the time to read my blog about the Las Vegas Shot Show 2014.  The Shot Show is the largest Tactical, Hunting and Outdoor show in the world.  Everything and anything you could want to touch, feel or see is there.  Our mission at this years show was different than most years.

Mission:  Primary mission for Reaper Team; Charlotte and Reaper 01 worked closely with Joel, VP for Special Operations Wounded Warrior to raise awareness and support for a great NON Profit.

Promote Mil-TAC knives and Tools Reaper 01 was scheduled for an appearance at their booth to promote their products, Reaper Outdoors and SOWW.

Discuss Reaper Outdoors “Survive the Hunt” TV shows future with the Networks that were going to be at Shot Show.


After going to the Shot show for years, here are some lessons learned. Have a schedule.  We took the time before shot to schedule meetings with as many Reaper partners as possible.  This will allow you to be organized and not get sidetracked by the shiny new things.  It keeps you on track and ready to go.  The show is so big that you could walk around all day and accomplish very little.  The vendors are busy as well and without a prescheduled meeting it might be impossible to have free time at the same time.

Time is the biggest issue at Shot.  This is such a big venue and event that you don’t have time to cover it all in a short amount of time.  We always find ourselves pressed for time or out of time.  I like to put an open afternoon or a couple hours free.  This way we can adjust a little in the schedule if a meeting gets pushed or a new meeting pops up.  I am also glad to have it, so I can walk the floor and see some of the new stuff on the market.

This Year In Review:

One of the biggest things I noticed this year was the attendance.  It didn’t seem to be as many folks walking around.  I think with the defense industry still recovering from the non-budget year and the fact that military folks are scrutinized for going to shows.  The amount of government personnel attending was down.  There was a hold on the amount of personnel that could go from the government.  This is due to knee jerk reactions within the military and government.  That will be saved for another write up.

I didn’t notice as many new products, but I didn’t have much time in the schedule to see any.  I am sure there were some on the floor.  It seemed to be a mellow year when it came to innovation.  Some improvements on things and some companies are trying to stay afloat with what they have.  This show is where you usually see some wild and crazy items.  I firmly believe with the war in AFG winding down, companies just aren’t stepping up to the innovation plate.  Some new tactical weapons, equipment, and hunting gear were released, but as I said, it wasn’t my primary mission.  Not that this is a bad thing; I have high hopes for next year.

SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warrior)

The Shot Show was amazing for SOWW this year.  Every company we met with has become associated with SOWW either by support, monetary, or gear.  This just justifies the need for smaller organizations to do big things.  Most companies liked the fact that SOWW is a more direct action charity and has a very high donation to end user percentage.  SOWW is a 100% voluntary charity.  All proceeds go toward the Special Operators that we support with the exception of a less than 4% administrative fee, legal fees, and miscellaneous expenses that keep the charity up and running.

When I look at supporting a charity, I want to know where my money, time and energy are going.  This charity sells itself.  When a company team looked at what this charity is doing for those who gave so much, they didn’t hesitate to ask how to support.  I’d like to take this time to say “Thank you all for taking the time to meet with us”.  Not every company can drop their current charities to support SOWW and that is completely understandable.  But most of them found a way to support in some way.  I was impressed with some of the great ideas and support that came our way.

I’d like to take this opportunity in the closing to thank the following people for their support.

Craig (Mil-Tac Knives), thank you for supporting SOWW with knives, allowing interviews and a promotional signing at your booth.

Joel (VP of SOWW), thank you for your personal sacrifice of time, money and heart.  You are truly a great American doing great things for those that have given so much.  It’s people like you that make us military folks proud to do what we do.  Your pride and patriotism is infectious and that can be seen and felt when ever your presence is known.

Charlotte, Thank you for taking time away from work and family to assist with all schedules, meetings and briefs.  Your caring attitude and kind personality rubbed off on all.  Without you and your ability to keep us on track and take the notes, we would not have been as successful on all fronts.

Thank you Reaper Nation for taking the time to read.  If you have any comments or want to give to our charities, get in touch with us at Reaper Outdoors.  If you already know what you want to give SOWW or need more information, contact SOWW at their website direct.

Thank you,

Reaper 01 Out

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